Distributed computing for the web!

What is Distri?

Distri is a server-client software package that brings distributed, or volunteer computing to the browser. (Faster math for your project!) Distri-Node is the server, powered by Node.js, that distributes the work to the clients. The client, Distri.js, runs in your browser, and accepts work from a Distri server.

Inspired by BOINC, this bundle aims to allow the computing power of the volunteer pool to be greater than ever with it coming to the web.

Okay, but what about consent?

Distri asks for consent to use the user’s computer for science on first time visiting the page, so the user is not blindly used for what the website owner wants them to be used for.

Alright, I want to start building servers!

Great! Visit the documentation for Distri-Node and Distri.js to get started.

More questions?

Visit the FAQ.

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